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Specification sheets


Aglime limesand from Dongara has the highest neutralising value and the smallest particle size making it the most effective treatment for acid sulphate soils. Speak to one of our experts today (see contact details).


Particle size effectiveness


The effectiveness of agricultural lime for the treatment of of acid sulphate soil has been accepted on the basis of particle size to be: 100% effective for particles <0.300mm; 60% effective between 0.300 mm to 0.850mm and 0.10% effective for particles >0.850mm (Stone et al. 1998).


Dongara Aglime contains 92% of particles under 0.300mm and only 0.1% over 0.850mm, meaning more product will react to neutralise acid in the soil.


Neutralising value


Dongara Aglime has a neutralising value around 95%, far higher than other liming materials available.


Occupational health and safety


Limesand is safe to handle with none of the costly OH&S requirements of hydrated lime.

Dongara Aglime Acid Sulphate Specification Sheet

Dongara Aglime MSDS