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New multiple nutrient mapping service

Nutrient and pH data can now be mapped at the paddock and farm scales with our premium mapping service.

These nutrient maps let you quickly assess what your main constraints to production are and where they are located so you can make more informed input decisions and increase profitability.


Any combination of soil nutrient and pH data can be displayed on one map so you can truly assess where soil acidity and/or nutrient deficiency is limiting production. These areas can then be targeted with the appropriate strategy to remove the constraint in a more efficient manner.


In the example below soil pH, phosphorus (Phos.) and potassium (Pot.) have been mapped across a number of paddocks to assess which of these is likely to limit production and where that limitation is located. The soil tests are colour coded to so a visual assessment is quick and easy to carry out.


Any soil data can be mapped in this way. Any combination of pH (0-10cm, 10-20 cm, 20-30 cm, 30 cm +) phosphorus, potassium, nitrate, ammonium, sulphur, organic carbon, electrical conductivity and phosphorus buffering index is available.


There is a fee for this service so please call the office on 1800 644 951 for more details.